7 Practical Strategies for Successful Working Relationships



Who actually does the work in your business?

While independent roles and strategic objectives may be defined, the people accomplishing the work can do so in a variety of ways. The modern working world incorporates skills and talents through a variety of relationships all designed to focus on completing the task at hand.

1. Outsource your work

If the task is not core to your business or on a project with a limited lifespan, contracting it out is often a more efficient way to engage people to work. Many companies out-source their bookkeeping and some go as far as to outsource their entire manufacturing process.

2. Use temporary help

If there are seasonal or short term work requirements in your business, temporary employees can be hired on contract or through a temp-agency. Keep in mind that the less specialized training required for the position the better it is to find temporary help.

3. Share work with other businesses

Expensive equipment, R&D or advertising can be shared to help a small business achieve greater results with less cost.

4. Shift work to your supplier

If you have limited warehouse space, shift your inventory management to keep more of your supplies offsite.

5. Shift work to your customers

Determine if anywhere in your business customers can take a more active role. Self-Service activities such as online banking or cafeteria lines shift work away from service delivery.

6. Set up Teams

Teams of individuals can be pulled together to handle special projects or larger customers. For more on teams read how to Supercharge your Business with Effective Team Development.

7. Teach Your employees to multi-task

Employees with multiple skill sets can fill different roles that maybe to small to justify a separate position and can also make life more interesting for them.

Accomplishing your objectives can happen in different ways

Different styles of working relationships allow businesses to combine skills and shift responsibilities to eliminate inefficiency and maximize productivity. How robust are your working relationships? Find out by taking the Wardell Business Strength Test.

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