Misty Mountain’s Business is Mushrooming!

Misty Mountain Specialties – 2018 Winner “Business Excellence of the Year”
Award. – Mid-Size Category

Richmond, B.C. December 2018: Wardell International congratulates our client, Misty
Mountain Specialties
– recipient of the 2018 “Business of the Year” award at the 41 st Richmond
Chamber of Commerce event.


This annual event, held at the River Rock Theatre was attended by more than 450 guests
including government dignitaries and leaders from small local businesses to large global
companies. Misty competed against over 200 entrants and 3 worthy finalists for this prestigious
award. Winning is a true achievement!

Founder, David Lee Kwen started Misty as a one-man operation in 1997, selling specialty
mushrooms door-to-door to food service providers and high end restaurants. Today, Misty
Mountain is a leading global supplier of wild, exotic, organic and cultivated mushrooms and
specialty foods.

David’s vision is to grow a fully integrated farm-to-table business model so he came to Wardell
International for guidance on how to create the right organizational structure, work processes
and software systems that will enable Misty to grow exponentially. Wardell Business Advisor –
Joe Markovitch has been working one-on-one with David and Misty Mountain management to
implement the Wardell Growth Program.

With an expanded new plant location coming online in Coquitlam early January 2019 and a
restructuring and systems implementation program now in progress, Misty is in a great position
to meet the needs of a growing local, national and global marketplace for Misty’s unique
product line.

Learn more about the Wardell program and how we can help you achieve your
entrepreneurial dream!

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