Strategic Planning WORKSHOPS

a growth Strategy and implementation plan

The most effective growth strategies begin with the creation of a mini-monopoly.   This could take the form of an underserved target market or a unique product or service category.  But once a business dominates a market, it can then leverage this position to expand into adjacent markets.  Almost every successful business has taken some variation of this journey.

However, to properly take advantage of any strategy, a business must first become scalable.  And scalability is achieved through proper systemization.

Of course, systemizing a business from top to bottom is a big job.  But luckily, all systems are not created equal.  And the right strategy will shine a spotlight on the most important systems required to unlock your growth potential, speeding up the process significantly.

2 full days on site

At Wardell International, our Strategy Workshops involve 2 days on site at the client’s business, plus one or two meetings in advance to go over the prep-work required to get the most out of the sessions.  The first day focuses on the Growth Strategy and the second day focuses on the Implementation Plan.

Our Strategy Workshops are chaired by a Wardell Advisor, who will guide you through a logical thinking structure to properly set your company up for growth.

A typical agenda is as follows:


  • Internal Review – Through this process you will take an honest assessment of the current state of your business.
  • External Review – This process will guide you and your team through a 5-Forces and PESTLE trend analysis to uncover the critical issues facing your business.
  • Threats and Opportunities – Leveraging the external review above, we identify and prioritize the key threats and opportunities that form the initial steps in your growth strategy.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses – Leveraging the internal review above, we cross reference your strengths and weaknesses with the relevant threats or opportunities to create your plan of attack.
  • Where we play – At this stage, we clearly define what you sell, to whom, and through which distribution channels?
  • How we win – Based on all the above, we identify your Growth Strategy.
  • Corporate Vision – And finally, we do a little dreaming to determine your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).  In a perfect world, where would you like your business to end up 5 – 10 years from now?


  • 3-year financial targets – First, we establish your 3-year financial objectives, in accordance with your Growth Strategy.
  • 12-month financial targets – Next, we determine where you need to be 12 months from now, to stay on track with your 3-year targets.
  • Departmental Objectives – We identify the main objectives that each department (i.e. HR, marketing, finance, operations, sales, technology) must achieve, for the business to reach its 12-month targets.
  • Relevant Systems – We determine the critical systems that need to be developed or improved to scale your business in accordance with your Growth Strategy.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – We set the metrics for measuring progress and keeping your company on track with your objectives.
  • Keystone KPI – Finally, we pull everything together by identifying a universal KPI that everyone in your business can rally around.