Strategic Planning WORKSHOPS


The Wardell Strategic Planning Program is ideally suited for mid-market companies targeting scalability and significant market-value creation.

Strategy can be defined as the way a business intends to overcome the key challenges to its growth. This could take the form of a critical threat, a significant opportunity, or both.

To increase your odds of success, your strategy must be based on solid research and analysis.  Simply setting a goal and working tirelessly towards that goal is insufficient.  There are many possible directions a company might head, so the quality of the goal matters a great deal.

The Wardell methodology utilizes a series of facilitated virtual and on-site workshops to help you and your leadership team tip the odds of success in your favour.  Each step in the process builds on the previous step, guiding you and your team to a logical conclusion, resulting in a documented roadmap for implementing your growth strategy as well as a sharable SOAP (Strategy on a Page) to help unify your entire organization in the right direction.

program details

The Wardell Strategic Planning Program is organized into the following three phases.

  1. DIAGNOSIS – This work identifies the most important opportunities (and threats) for growing your business and quantifies them based on market research and analysis.
  2. STRATEGY – This work sets your company’s strategic direction by determining how you will effectively respond to your diagnosis.  In other words, how you will win.
  3. IMPLEMENTATION – This work builds the company-wide roadmap for implementing your strategy.


To complete your strategy quickly and efficiently, we dedicate a team to your project made up of an experienced Business Advisor and a trained Business Analyst.

Wardell Business Advisors are experienced business professionals who act as guides and project managers, chairing the meetings and ensuring adherence to the program agendas, keeping everyone on topic, and offering support and advice as appropriate.

Wardell Business Analysts are trained engineers and process experts who understand and help document the Wardell strategic planning process for your business.