Seven Ways To Rejection-Proof Your Sales System







  1. Hire salespeople with the right attitude. “Sales” is a people oriented occupation. Introverts need not apply. Ensure you hire the right kinds of people in your sales department
  2. Create a bonus structure that kicks in at various predetermined sales volumes. These can act as “financial carrots” to help sales people push through their fears.
  3. Insist on a minimum number of sales calls per day/week and track them. This will do as much to guarantee a certain level of success for your sales people as anything and success breeds more success.
  4. Organize supportive and motivational sales meetings on a regular basis. Everyone needs a little push now and again.
  5. Provide ongoing sales training. Salespeople are responsible for generating your revenues, so train them well.
  6. Provide outstanding sales tools (i.e. brochures and other presentation materials). These help sales people to look and feel more professional.
  7. Encourage a corporate culture that promotes pride in your company. People who are genuinely proud of their company and its products have little reason to fear rejection.

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