Motivating Employees

When it comes to motivation, rules and regulations will only take you so far.  If you really want your employees to feel motivated to do an excellent job, you need to consider ways to get them excited about what is going on at your business and how they can contribute. Here are a few ideas that I’ve seen work well.

Involve your employees in decision-making.

Remember, your employees don’t just want a job; they want to be part of something more.  When you involve them in decisions, their work becomes fulfilling. By fostering a culture where people are involved, your company will benefit from the contributions of more than just those at the top of the organizational chart. On an ongoing basis, take the time to share your business plans and give people the opportunity to be involved in the direction your business is growing.  Keeping your employees in the dark about your long-term corporate goals is a sure-fire way to kill your company’s potential.

Teach and learn together.

Implement systems that will foster creativity and ingenuity in your employees.  For example, we hold a weekly Wardell team meeting to discuss our progress as a company.  Everyone is expected to participate and contribute. Not every idea is going to be as helpful as the next one, but by encouraging this type of “teaching environment”, we keep everyone growing in the right direction and, more importantly, invested in the process.

Reward your employees.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to give out bonuses based on your employees acquiring new skills, knowledge or competencies. Bonuses are effective when an employee can see the relationship between their work and the bonus. If this connection is lost, the value of the bonus is also lost.

Say thank you.

And finally (and most importantly), thank your employees for a job well done.  For a hard working, dedicated employee little is more important than genuine appreciation.

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