Louise Turgeon, business Advisor

Louise Turgeon is a bilingual Business Advisor at Wardell International. She opened her first business forty years ago, specializing in Retail and Wholesale Bakery, with more than fifty employees to manage.

In 2000, Louise retained the services of Wardell International; Wardell helped restructure and grow the business, and eventually sell it in 2017. Her professional experience extends in Management, Leadership, Marketing and Sales.

Her aspirations are to help Entrepreneurs restructure, grow and eventually sell their business through the Wardell Mastermind Group. Her clients are small businesses with two or twenty employees, eager to get back on their feet and systemise their company. She is also the treasurer of the “Chambre de commerce francophone de Vancouver”, devoting her time to help French speaking Entrepreneurs.

When Louise gets up in the morning, she likes to practice piano or take a brisk walk before starting her day. She understands all the challenges her clients go through and helps them find solutions. Her mission? Listen, communicate and help find creative solutions.


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