Systems Documentation Services


For most companies, outdated and poorly documented standard operating procedures (SOP) are the greatest limiting factor to sustainable growth and value creation. SOP are the cornerstone of your hiring, onboarding, cross training, quality control/assurance, safety, and branding initiatives. But if your team is already stretched to the max, documenting, and maintaining them can seem like an impossible task.

BPM (Business Process Management) Program

Wardell Business Analysts are BPM experts who design and document your specific business processes by engaging and interviewing you and your team.  In other words, we do the “heavy lifting” of documenting your procedures and work instructions for you… fast and efficiently.

We will work with your team to update outdated procedures, fix poorly documented procedures, and create new procedures for undocumented work using BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) best practices.

What is BPMN?

BPMN is an acronym for Business Process Management Notation.  It is the “gold standard” for business process flowcharting. 

How Does the Documentation Service Work?

Not all processes have the same impact on your business, so we will work with you and your team (through a series of workshops and 1-1 interviews) to organize and prioritize those that bring the most value to your business.  The output of this work is an organized set of flow charts, checklists and work instructions that ensure predictability and consistency across your organization.  This work can be completed as broadly as necessary and to any level of sophistication, until all your critical procedures are properly documented.

To accomplish this, we assemble a dedicated Business Growth Team specifically for your needs. Typically, this will include a Business Advisor, a Process Architect, and one or more Business Analysts.

As you move through the program, your Business Advisor will help you connect your growth strategy to your operating procedures.  In other words, they will ensure your company remains focused on the high-value work that drives your growth, bringing a new level of clarity and strategic focus to your organization.

Your Process Architect will lead a series of weekly workshops designed to guide you and your leadership team to create and organize your core business processes into a fully documented, interdependent architecture.   This work will bring clarity to your organization by connecting your growth strategy with your business processes (execution).  When you are done, you and your entire team will understand precisely how your business model drives customer value.  Your SOP documentation will be built upon this architecture. 

Your Business Analyst(s) will work with you and your team to document your lower level procedures and work instructions (SOPs) based on your priorities.

How long does it take to fully systemize a business?

This is a difficult question to answer, since not all procedures require the same level of detail or have the same impact on your business. Where we focus first will depend heavily on your priorities.

Having said this, depending on the size and complexity of your business model, a 6-month engagement will typically be adequate to fully document your process architecture, plus one complete value stream, including all relevant procedures (SOP) and work instructions.